Call for Philip-Morris!
The first commercial that
RJ remembers seeing on
television as a child.
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Lucy and Desi were
sponsored by Philip-Morris.
John Facenda also did
commercials for Philip-Morris.
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Johnny Roventini (also known as John Louis Roventini and popularly as Johnny Philip Morris) (August 15, 1910ľNovember 30, 1998) was an American dwarf actor of Italian-American heritage.

Less than 4 feet tall as a fully-developed adult, Johnny Roventini was working as a 22-year old hotel bellboy in New York City in 1933 when he was "discovered" by an advertising mogul, who had him perform a page, issuing a "Call for Phillip Morris". He reportedly could always vocalize a perfect B-flat tone as he repeated those words, literally over a million times during his career, according to his own estimate.

He soon became famous as a product spokesman for Philip Morris brand cigarettes in radio, television and print advertising media. He was described by Philip Morris personnel as a "living trademark", and represented the company for over 40 years. He also played roles in the growth of broadcast media, most notably helping Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz with the initial success of their innovative I Love Lucy comedy series beginning in 1951.

RJ Salutes Justin Bieber on the David Letterman Show on CBS


SelenaGomez1a KristenStewart2a  
 Left: Justin Bieber’s girlfriend
 Selena Gomez from
 the Disney Channel
 Above: Kristen Stewart from
 the movie Twilight

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