TJ’s TV Logo Pyramid


DISCO 77 G clear


BEACH TV G clear

CHANNEL 57 LARGE 3 clear

KDOC J good

KDOC G spotty

KDOC A spotty

KDOC B clear

CHANNEL 57 G clear, but residue upper left corner

CHANNEL 57 B clear, black-background trapezoid

CH 57 C good, black-background trapezoid

CH 57 D good, small black-background trapezoid

CH 57 E spotty around letters

CH 57 F white-background trapezoid

CH 57 H spotty around letters

CH 57 K square background

CH 57 M square background

CH 57 N spotty around letters

CH 57 J large, white trapezoid background

CH 57 O condensed blue square background

CH 57 P condensed blue square background

KSCI 18 G slightly roogh

KSCI 18 J cleaner

KTSF 26 J clean, wide cream background

KTSF TV 26 and KSCI 18 joined (E)

KTSF A Logo only on white background

KTSF B Green strips, creme background

KTSF C Wide, green stripes, white background

WBTB B sharp

WBTB G dull, spotty, faded

WBTB J sharp

WBTB C sharp

WPCA G clean and bright

WPCA J good

WPCA B spotty in gray background region

Channel 7 BILLBOARD G 763 x 402

Channel 7 BILLBOARD J 763 x 402

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