Intro:    D          A          Bm          G          D          A          Bm         G

    D                   G                  A                       Bm
I believe in foolish hearts I believe in flames
D                      G            A                               Bm
I believe in rainy days and midnight trains
    D                  G          A                        Bm
I believe in mirrors I believe in smoke
    D                    G                           A
I believe in lucky breaks and I believe in broke

    G                            A                     Bm          A
I believe in every chance I ever blew
G                   A                    D
Yeah babe I still believe in you

   A         Bm         G         D         A         Bm         G

D                         G          A                  Bm
I believed in beauty I believed in truth
D                         G                   A                   Bm
I believed in happiness I believed in youth
D                         G        A                  Bm
I believed in kisses I believed in eyes
D                    G                   A
I believed in promises I believed in lies
    G                        A                                  Bm                  A
I believed in anything you asked me to
G                  A                      D          A          Bm          G
Yeah babe I still believe in you

All your twisted pictures
All your lamest rhymes
     G                                       A
Hook, line, and sinker I bought them every time
All your back door entrances
And all your sad street scenes
I loved you from your dirty mouth

Down to your dirty jeans

                 G                              A                           Bm                   A
And not one damn word you ever said was true
         G                A                          D
But yeah babe I still believe in you

      A          Bm          G          D          A          Bm          G

D          G
You believe in gypsies
A                              Bm
You believe in roads
D                        G
You believe in lipstick stains
          A          Bm
And secret codes
D                              G
You believe in freedom
            A                   Bm
You believe in songs
D                             G
You believe in leaving, babe
You believe in gone
                   G                 A                            Bm                  A
Even after everything you put me through
    D                     A                    Bm                  G
Yeah babe I still believe in you                                (repeat and fade)

Words and music by Robert Hazard
© 2007 Heroic Music (ASCAP)