I was riding on the open plain
   G                                     D
Beneath the darkening sky

For my freedom and the border
                 G                        D
And my true love I did ride

Some people say a secret
                    G                    D
Ain’t no different than a lie
And I’m as guilty as any other man
Goin’ down to the river
        F#m7                D          G        F#m7        D
With blood on my hands

The man I killed he wears my face
            G                       D
And travels by my name

He’s with me on the crowded streets
       G                            D
Beside me on the train

I feel his hand upon my wrist as
   G                     D
Cold as iron chain

As he leads me through the gates
Of no man’s land
   D                                 F#m7                  D          G        F#m7        D
Down to the river with blood on my hands

The politics of right and wrong
         G                   D
I never understood

So many a man of righteousness
           G                           D
Been nailed up on the wood

So many a man of evil
           G                            D
Has worn the badge of good
Like lions they been layin’ with the lambs
Going down to the river
          F#m7                   D          G        F#m7        D
With blood on their hands

In the furnace of the desert
           G                           D
The fairest flower grows

By the name of sweet Marcina
                     G                 D
She’s the queen of Mexico

She’s waitin’ by her window
                 G                                   D
With her prayer lights burnin’ low

And tonight I miss her more
Than I can stand

Goin’ down to the river
        F#m7                  D          G        F#m7        D
With blood on my hands

The law fell down upon me
               G                          D
In the dawning of the day

They led me to the courthouse steps
                       G                              D
Where the hangman’s daughter plays

They say her arms will hold you tight
               G                       D
And this earth will slip away
And you and her go walkin’ hand in hand
Down to the river
        F#m7                    D                  G/D        F#m7        D
With blood on your hands

Words and music by Robert Hazard
© 2007 Heroic Music (ASCAP)