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Dick Clark          

      Ron Joseph    

RJ Remembers Dick Clark Forever

What Dick Clark Meant To Me Personally

It was not just a five day a week TV show that I attended, which emanated from ABC TV’s WFIL channel 6 studios in Philadelphia, there were some real personal moments in my life that many people never heard me speak of.

I remember first going to a party with Dick Clark and the Bandstand committee at the famous Palumbo’s restaurant, a show-business landmark in south Philadelphia in 1956, in traveling with Dick to an appearance at the Woodbury Country Club in New Jersey, driving to Allentown to the Frolicks Ballroom and weekends at the Starlight Ballroom on the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ where he had a record hop during the summer months each year.

I feel a little extra proud that Dick Clark came to my home in Drexel Hill, PA in 1957 for my 16th birthday party with 65 screaming kids. Dick Clark was the only adult besides my parents and grandparents who had thrown the party for me.

Dick Clark in 1958 came to Upper Darby High School for an assembly program that I requested him to participate in. Our class decided to pay him a talent fee of $500 for the appearance however, on the stage during that program he returned the check to me and the class treasurer and said it was a personal favor to Ronnie.

There are moments that I will never forget: all the stars who made appearances on the TV show daily in Philadelphia, however I really remember going to New York City to the Little Theater at 44th and Broadway where Dick Clark was doing a weekly show on Saturday night and I had a little part doing the Beechnut Chewing Gum commercial in the seats of the theater.

I remember meeting Elvis Presley with Dick at the Philadelphia Arena which was located next to our studio at 46th and Market, then I also remember going to Atlantic City where it was the first American appearance of the Beatles.

It was a concert for George Hammond’s Steel Pier but the size of crowd was so overwhelming that the concert was moved to the Convention Center on the boardwalk and I was on the stage with the Beatles and Dick Clark. What million-dollar memories for a 16-year-old kid.

One year for my birthday, Dick Clark and Pop Singer gave me a cake on television live and Dick asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and I answered “a DJ just like you” and he said to me “Ronnie you are a mad impetuous fool! Why would you want this occupation?” and then he broke for a station break for the ABC affiliates to identify themselves.

Many times while traveling with Dick Clark to his various personal appearances at different locations I would expound on subjects that we were discussing and he said “Ronnie, you may be right but you are too honest to a fault.”

Thank you, Dick, for being a big part of my life.
I will never forget the moments with you.



RJ_white_suit Jimmy_Baker SCTVparody

      RJ’s Real Dance Party    

    RJ & Dick Clark

    RJ’s Dance Show Parody  

RJ remembers Uncle Frank from the Jimmy Kimmel Show on ABC-TV
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Dick Clark was the first guest
on RJ' first TV talk show in
1961 after RJ left Bandstand
        Joe Niagara Drops by For a Moment
Joe Niagara was the 2nd guest
on RJ's first TV Talk show in 1961
        RJ Remembers his Mother and
and Grandmother here in their
house in Drexel Hill, PA
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RJ now does a weekly radio show on Cruisin 92.1 from the Philadelphia area. The show is syndicated on a number of stations around the country. RJ also sustains the reruns of the nostalgic Disco USA TV series, which plays in Philadelphia as well as in other parts of the country. RJ has no regrets. He has taken the twists and turns and the ups and downs of fame. He's the guy that's holding onto yesterday, and as he says on his radio show each week, you can see on this site how true it is. If memories of Ron Joseph (RJ) were worth a penny, RJ and Company would all be billionaires!


RJ the King of Disco on WVLT Cruisin 92 FM

Robin Sherman

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picture to hear Robin sing


WBTB TV 68 NYC/Newark, NJ
1st out-of-town station to carry
RJ’s show in 1975


RJ with Henry Winkler
in Hollywood in 1974


KEMO TV 20 in San
Francisco, 2nd out-of-town
station to carry RJ’s show in 1976

JoeyReynolds RJmini
RJ was interviewed by
Joey Reynolds in 1999 on
WOR, New York, WLS,
Chicago, KFI, L.A. and
WKBW, Buffalo, NY

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the above pictures to
listen to the audio clip



Gemini: Twin Stars
starred Gene Patrick

Gene Patrick of
Gemini: Twin Stars
with his children & RJ

RJ Ron Joseph
in Hollywood. . .in
Abington Township, PA

RJ remembers Gene
Partick’s movie
Gemini: the Twin Stars
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picture to see the video

RJ and Robin take their
wedding vows before Judge
Lisa Richette

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picture to see the video

RJ and Tony Mammarella,
producer of American Bandstand,
salute the ABC TV show

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picture to see the video

RJ interviews Sally
Starr exclusively

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picture to see the video

RJ and Gene Arnold
introduce Mark Anthony

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picture to see the video

RJs a Differnt World
of music in 1971

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picture to see the video

RJ and Good Things Do
Last Forever vignette

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picture to see the video

RJs 1973 Christmas show
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picture to see the video

RJ and Company, 1972
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picture to see the video

RJ and Company, 1972
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picture to see the video

RJ’s Open Mike on WWAC
TV 53 in Atlantic City, NJ

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picture to see the video

Cozy Morley is interviewed
by RJ and Mary Elizabeth
Christmas, 1995

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picture to see the video

RJ and old TV camera
RJ with 1950s TV
camera at the new
Channel 6 building

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to see larger picture

RJ and ribbon mic
RJ with ribbon
microphone at WEEZ
radio in 1962

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to see larger picture

RJ and Sally Starr
RJ gives Sally Starr
a goodbye kiss at her
retirement party

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to see larger picture

Ma’s Root Beer,
RJ’s old sponsor

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RJ Never Know How
Much I Love You

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picture to see the video




rock concert 1975


Disco USA continues yet
today in 2011 with RJ
every Friday night live
at 7 p.m. Eastern Time
worldwide on WVLT.com
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Merv Griffin, talk show
impresario for years
with son Tony and
former wife Julanne

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Merv Griffin tribute page


Shane and Christian Conrad

Carey and Shane Van Dyke


Robin meets
Andy Williams in 2004


RJ Show, 4 p.m. Sundays


RJ broadcast in 1997
Channel 8 from the Voron
Tower on the historical
Philo Farnsworth
experimental television
site at 1230 Mermaid Lane
in Chestnut Hill

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to see the page

Original test pattern of
W07CB Channel 7, on the
air in Philadelphia in 1992

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to see larger image

RJ remembers Hollywood’s finest art deco building
the Sunset Tower where
he first stayed in 1969.

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to see larger image

Radio Studio WEEZ: Where Rock ’n Roll & Top 40 Music All Began

This was Philadelphia’s
historic radio station
just outside the city
limits in Brookhaven PA
It was where the musical
careers of such notables
as Bill Haley and the
Comets and Al Alberts
& The Four Aces began,
plus RJ’s first Top 40
radio music show, which
emanated there Mondays
thru Fridays 7 to 10 pm
and Sundays 2 to 3 pm

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