I believe in foolish hearts I believe in flames
I believe in rainy days and midnight trains
I believe in mirrors I believe in smoke
I believe in lucky breaks and I believe in broke

I believe in every chance I ever blew
Yeah babe I still believe in you

I believed in beauty I believed in truth
I believed in happiness I believed in youth
I believed in kisses I believed in eyes
I believed in promises I believed in lies

I believed in anything you asked me to
Yeah babe I still believe in you

All your twisted pictures
All your lamest rhymes
Hook, line, and sinker I bought them every time
All your back door entrances
And all your sad street scenes
I loved you from your dirty mouth
Down to your dirty jeans
And not one damn word you ever said was true
But yeah babe I still believe in you

You believe in gypsies
You believe in roads
You believe in lipstick stains
And secret codes

You believe in freedom
You believe in songs
You believe in leaving, babe
You believe in gone

Even after everything you put me through
Yeah babe I still believe in you

Words and music by Robert Hazard
© 2007 Heroic Music (ASCAP)